Futtle Organic Table Beer 330ml

Futtle Organic Table Beer 330ml

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This is the same beer as the first one we ever made in the brewery here in St Monans back in 2019.  It’s also the one we’ve made more than any other.

It’s largely unchanged from those early batches.  Still made with water from the farm’s borehole, organic whole grains (barley, wheat and a large proportion of oats) and whole leaf hops.  We don’t boil the wort, heating it more gently to avoid removing all of the oilier proteins and weight from the final beer.  We also pass the wort from the copper through a hop back before transferring for fermentation to give the beer even more aroma from the lovely organic whole leaf hops.  This means we can keep the alcohol relatively low but make sure the beer still has plenty going on.

Table Beer is the style we tend to reach for most regularly at the end of the day.  It should be light, refreshing, with lowish alcohol, but still characterful.  Ours is all of those things – fresh, malt-forward, with a slightly tart finish and light fizz.  A very humble beer, but a nourishing one too. 

Water:              Borehole

Malt:                 Organic Floor-malted Barley, Wheat & Oats

Hops:               Organic Wakatu & Nelson Sauvin

Yeast:               House blend


3.2% alc./vol.

Organic, raw, unfined, unfiltered.  Suitable for vegans.