Fig & Fromage Cheesemonger & Deli

Our NEW(ish) cheese shop - 38 High Street, Newport on Tay, DD6 8AD... just a few doors along from The Urban Grocery

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday 10am - 4:30pm

Sunday 10am - 2pm

Bagels, you may have heard we are selling filled bagels now too!

We are using Bross Bagels as our bagel of choice, they are made in Edinburgh to a traditional Montreal style recipe.  You will need to head into the shop for more informaiton but for now here are some of our bagel fillings:-

Reuban, Wild caught smoked Salmon & cream cheese, vegetarian/vegan option (including a vegan bagel), organic banana & nutella and in the summer a special bagel including strawberry & nutella.  Our blackboard is below!