Futtle Organic Wheat Beer With Bay 330ml

Futtle Organic Wheat Beer With Bay 330ml

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This Wheat Beer is made with three sorts of organic wheat from different parts of the UK: malted wheat from Warminster Maltings, which is the backbone of this recipe; unmalted wheat from Mungoswells, in East Lothian, for body and texture; and finally, whole spelt grains from Sussex, for extra creaminess and flavour.

We made a filter bed for the mash from branches of bay, passing the whole batch through the leaves to pick up their lovely aroma. Then the batch was fermented at a high temperature to create lots of estery, fruitiness, characteristic of our favourite wheat beers.

The beer is light and refreshing, with the fragrant bay giving a really pleasing lemony, herbal quality.


4.2% alc./vol.

100% organic, raw, unfiltered, unfined.

Suitable for vegans.



Water: Borehole

Malt: Organic Malted Wheat, Unmalted Wheat, Spelt, Floor-Malted Barley & Oats

Hops: Organic Rakau

Yeast: House blend

Plants: Organic Bay Leaves